Couple hours after appointment time, no one show up. Called the company and complaint, they said will sent tech over.

Two techs show up in an hour.

They hook up an vacuum to one of the supply/register, One tech spent the whole time try to sell me better cleaning package from $800 UV filter to $400 brush clean package. he said the Groupon deal I bought is only for very basic cleaning. While he spent the whole time to try getting me buying additional stuff & service, I was not convince.

So he stand up and tell the other tech to pack up equipment. I asked "did you fish cleaning ducts?" He replied YES,WE'RE DONE. I said I didn't see you cleaning the vent/register, he said with the basic clean, they don't open the vent/register and vacuum it, they only have blow air into it and have a vacuum hookup to one of the vent in the main floor.

With every vents in the house open (12 of them) they hook up a vacuum to one of them, then use a tiny little hand blower and blow air into each vent. Do you think this is cleaning?

Monetary Loss: $249.

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